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Own Your Power

Electricity is a cost of business—a cost that keeps rising. Managers across Illinois have watched their power bills rise, with some small businesses and farms struggling to keep up with the bills.  

It’s tough to manage a cost you can’t control. 

But when you own a solar system, you own your power. Illinois net metering lets you send the extra power you generate back into the grid for credit, which usually covers the power you need all night, all year. You can make your company “green” and lower your cost of business—it’s simply a solid investment. 


Incentives for Today

Now, federal tax credits and utility-funded incentives make new solar systems an even better deal—commercial systems can pay for themselves in as little as two to three years. In the very first year, you can depreciate 85% of the cost for a commercial solar system on your taxes. Your tax credit even applies to a battery backup that keeps you running when ice or storms bring power lines down. 

Our state’s Future Energy Jobs Act has created a great opportunity to build new solar systems, and it’s brought a lot of solar company representatives to this area.  

But, when the new system incentives and tax credits run out, those companies will be gone too.


Trust for Tomorrow

Halo Solar is a partner you can trust to help you keep the lights on every day, now and in the future. We can help you make sense of the credits and incentives, and we will tailor your system to meet your unique needs.

When your business is on the line, trust Halo Solar.

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