Jul 01, 2024

The Future of Solar Energy: Silicon-Perovskite Tandem Cells

The solar energy industry is on the brink of a revolutionary breakthrough with the advent of silicon-perovskite tandem cells which should significantly enhance the efficiency of traditional solar panels. Working on this project, on the outskirts of Brandenburg an der Havel, Germany, is a UK-based firm, Oxford PV. They are producing solar cells usings “perovskites,” a cheap and abundant photovoltaic (PV) material that is being called the future of green energy. 


In order to increase the overall efficiency of solar panels and capture a broader spectrum of sunlight, Oxford PV, along with other industry leaders like Hanwha Qells, is working on layering perovskite on top of silicon to create tandem cells. In May, Hanwha Qells, a major silicon PV manufacturer headquartered in Seoul, plans to invest 4100 million in a pilot production line, that they hope to be operational by the end of 2024.


The introduction of silicon/perovskite cells is expected to come with additional costs. However, the extra electricity produced by these more advanced cells should more than compensate for the price difference. 

This combination of silicon and perovskite could well be the key to new levels of efficiency and affordability in the solar energy industry.


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