Solar Incentives


The following are just some of the tax credits and incentives available to those who qualify

The Illinois Power Agency Act of 2007 requires power companies to get 25% of the power they sell from renewable resources by 2025. The Future Energy Jobs Act of 2016 helped to turn those goals into jobs for the state. Now, Illinois requires power companies to fund several incentives that help customers move to solar power. With net metering, the power company gives you full credit for power you produce beyond what you use—and with Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SREC), you can earn money from the power company for every megawatt-hour you generate.


Tax Credits and Incentives

Shifting to solar should be a simple process, and our team of experts makes sure it stays that way. Halo Solar will help show you the best way to make your new system affordable. There are dozens of federal tax credits and utility-funded incentives for new solar systems, depending on where you’re located, when you install the system, what type of system you install, and other factors.