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Become a Halo Solar Partner

Solar energy is coming to a customer near you.


Utility rates are soaring. The cost of solar is plummeting. Incentives are being enhanced and extended. Many mid-market companies can purchase solar arrays that will pay for themselves in 3 – 5 years. Many of your customers will soon make that choice. The question: Will you be part of it?


It seems like you have two choices, make the significant investment to transform your electrical contracting business into a solar company or let strangers install solar arrays at the customers you’ve been serving for years. You have a third choice: Partner with Halo Solar.


Why Partner with Halo Solar?

Halo Solar was founded by long-time union electrical contractors serving mid-market businesses.

Our experience helps us understand the challenges and opportunities that your business faces, and it allows us to craft a solar partnership that will propel your business.


We know that you’re busy, and there’s plenty about solar that you won’t need to learn. Become part of our channel team and we will sell all non-solar-specific materials and equipment. Our team will also pay for electrical permits, install the solar system, perform any required maintenance and retain your customer. 


Contact Us today or Call (309) 740-7861 to speak with one of our team members today.

Provide your customers with solar solutions that will slash their energy costs. Deepen your customer relationships and create more work for your business. Partner with Halo Solar today.