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Residential Solar System Installation Bloomington IL

Whether you're in Springfield, Bloomington, or the Chicago area, the price of power is going up, and it will probably keep getting higher. When you buy all your electricity from the power company, you have no say in the price you pay. And you’ll keep paying their price for the rest of your life.  It might be time to consider energy savings, energy independence, alternative energy, and alternative power sources.


A Halo Solar system gives you control. Our professional sales team and expert installers can capture the power your home needs by way of home solar panels. You may even send extra energy back into the grid. Illinois now has net metering, which means when your solar system generates extra power, you can send it to the power company for full credit. That credit usually covers your power needs all night long, all year round. Over the life of an average system, a homeowner saves tens of thousands of dollars. That’s why a solar system adds instant equity to your home—and it’s equity that’s exempt from property taxes.


A Halo Solar system does more than save you money—it reduces your dependence on the power company’s coal-fired and nuclear power plants. Long-term sustainable solar power just makes sense for you to take advantage of the benefits of solar energy.


Whether you are a rural homeowner, someone who is dedicated to living a greener and more sustainable lifestyle, or anyone interested in residential solar energy installation, there are incentives available to take advantage of.


Incentives for Today

Halo Solar can finance new residential solar energy systems for as little as 0 down and with interest as low as 3.99%. With the monthly savings on your power bill, it is possible to start saving money the very first day.


Join with Halo Solar today to make the switch to solar energy and receive the benefit of solar powerAnd now, federal tax credits and utility-funded incentives help Illinois residents shift to solar power. Your tax credit even applies to a battery backup—offering more security when power lines are down due to ice, storms, or other problems.


The biggest source of incentives is the Future Energy Jobs Act, which requires Illinois power companies to pay incentives for new solar systems. The act is currently in effect, and the first-come-first-served incentives are exciting for everyone. This incentive has even led to out-of-state/national solar companies sending representatives to work with local customers. With incentives and energy savings, new systems can become cash positive quickly.


But the incentives for new systems, and the federal tax credit, won’t last forever—and when they’re gone, those companies will be gone, too.


Halo Solar is a partner you can trust, from navigating the best credits and incentives to installing the best system for your needs—and meeting any maintenance needs in the future.


Trust your home to Halo Solar.