Apr 30, 2023

The Italian Farmers saving an ancient fruit with solar power

As the global climate continues to change and the demand for renewable energy sources increases, finding ways to produce clean energy while preserving the environment is becoming more important. One innovative solution is agrivoltaics, a combination of solar energy production and agriculture. Recently, this technique has been used to help save Italy’s citron and lemon trees, and the results are impressive. 


“The idea was to install a photovoltaic system on the citrus trees and to manage the surrounding land in such a way that both production objectives could be achieved,” said Stefano Mancuso, a scientist from the University of Florence. Agrivoltaics is a perfect example of how solar energy production and agriculture can coexist in harmony. The technique has allowed the citrus trees in Italy to thrive, proving that solar energy production does not have to come at the cost of the environment. 

Francesco Asdrubali, the head of agronomy at the University of Catania, says, "The combination of solar energy and agriculture is not only good for the environment, but also for the farmers, who can produce more energy and increase their income.” That’s one of the reasons, Halo Solar is proud to be part of the agrivoltaics revolution. With our solar energy solutions, we can help farmers increase their income while also reducing their carbon footprint.


At Halo Solar, we’re committed to finding ways to produce renewable energy without sacrificing the environment. That’s why we’re so impressed by the success of agrivoltaics in Italy. We’re excited to see how this innovative technique can be used to help save other threatened plant species around the world. We believe that solar energy production and agriculture can coexist in a way that is both sustainable and beneficial to the environment. We look forward to seeing more innovative solutions like agrivoltaics come to life and help preserve the planet for future generations.


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