Solar Energy Benefits

Solar Energy System Benefits

Whether it’s because of the savings, energy independence, environmental benefits, or a combination of those, we know that switching to solar can provide a great deal of benefits to both residential and commercial customers.


Savings and Economic Benefits

A solar energy system may save you hundreds—or even thousands—of dollars every year, averaged over the life of the system. Power bills add up over time, and they are likely to increase as rates continue to rise. A solar power system helps you control the otherwise unpredictable cost of your power. When you average out the cost of a solar energy system, you will see that it can start to pay off in savings after only a few years. Installing solar on your home or business can also increase the value of your property, extend the life of your roof, and help to create lasting community benefits that help to stimulate local economic and workforce growth.



Energy Independence

The risk of even a short outage has inspired many homeowners and businesses to invest in backup generators, but the rest of the time, most homes and businesses are entirely dependent on their electricity provider and the rates they choose to charge.
With a Halo Solar energy system, you can reduce your dependence on the power company by generating enough power to meet most or all your electrical needs, and gain credits when your solar system produce more energy than you require. With a solar power system, you empower yourself.



Environmental Benefits

Installing solar on your home or business helps to contribute to a cleaner, more sustainable future for all of us. Traditional power companies still rely on fossil fuels, like coal, oil, and natural gas. These sources of power are not only non-renewable resources, meaning there is a finite amount available, but they also release harmful pollutants into the environment when extracted and used. Unlike fossil fuels, solar is a clean, renewable resource that does not pose a threat to the health of people or the planet. Switching to renewable resources, like solar helps to reduce our dependence on harmful fossil fuels, ensuring a cleaner environment for future generations.



"If you reduce your dependence on utility companies, then you reduce your negative impact on the environment."