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EV Charging Stations and Battery Back-ups
EV Charging Stations

Many EV owners can meet their daily driving needs by charging their vehicle overnight with Level 1 equipment. However, for EV owners with less regular charging schedule, longer commutes, or EVs with larger battery capacities that require more than an overnight charge for full range, a Level 2 charger may be more appropriate.


For residential EV charging stations, Halo Solar’s partnership with Qmerit requires the customer to provide the charger for installation but have a range of choices available.


For most commercial EV charging stations, Halo Solar can supply any specific charger that is requested.


Battery Back-up

In today’s world, our reliance on electricity has never been greater. From powering essential appliances to keeping us connected, the importance of a constant and reliable source of energy cannot be understated. However, as weather gets more severe and power outages become more common, interest in battery back-up systems has skyrocketed.


Halo Solar utilizes Enphase equipment for our battery back-up systems. Enphase battery back-up systems can help cover the usage from power-hungry appliances like HVAC, pool pumps, and more – even in the case of a grid outage.


Enphase IQ batteries are NEMA 3R rated for performance during the harshest Illinois weather, including rain, sleet, snow, and ice. Enphase offers their “Storm Guard” feature within their app that allows the owner to prepare for potential grid outages. This allows the owner to keep their batteries in the “savings” or “self- consumption” profile, but automatically activates the “full back-up” profile if a severe weather notification is issues. Storm Guard can monitor severe weather notifications issues by the National Weather Service in the US and can be set to automatically change profiles without user input.