Power Your Services
Industrial Solar Energy Systems Bloomington IL

Electricity is a cost of business and a cost that keeps rising. Managers across Illinois have watched their power bills grow, with some small businesses and farms struggling to keep up with the bills.


It’s tough to manage a cost you can’t control.


But when you own a solar energy system, an energy-efficient building, you own your power. Illinois net metering lets you send the extra power you generate from your sustainable building back into the grid for credit. This energy will often cover all your solar-powered building needs to run all night and all year long. You can make your company “green” and lower your business expenditures—it’s simply a solid investment.


Solar-powered buildings are sweeping the nation. In fact, California has recently proposed a mandate requiring new commercial buildings to have solar panels. Real estate developers, architects, construction engineers, or anyone else with an impending new build should consider how a smart energy system with solar panels can positively impact your client. Businesses can qualify for great incentives as they go green and save money while having a positive impact on the environment.