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Looking for a Trusted Local Solar Energy Provider?


Halo Solar, LLC is your professional, local, and certified Solar Energy provider and installer.

Our team proudly services residential homeowners, and commercial and industrial properties, with a specialty in Farm and rural agricultural Solar installation in McLean County. If you are interested in being greener, more sustainable, looking to save money, or any combination of the three, please let our dedicated experts with advanced degrees in renewable energy and solar energy systems work with you to learn your needs surrounding solar energy and provide you customized solutions for each.


Every farm owner, residential homeowner, and commercial business is different. We are dedicated to transparency throughout our sales, design, and installation process and keep customers informed every step of the way.

We design our systems to achieve the most significant solar power benefits. We also know how to navigate the network of tax credits and utility-funded incentives that can help you pay for your new system. As a commitment to our customers, we also offer financing for those who need assistance in getting their solar energy system off the ground.


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Do you qualify for Solar Energy?


One of the most common questions we see is “Is Solar Right for Me?”

Consider the following preliminary questions to determine if you qualify for Solar Energy.


Does your roof face south, west, or east?

  • The direction of your roof plays a pivotal role in how much sun exposure your system will receive.


Is your roof in good condition?

  • To prevent unnecessary removal and reinstallation of panels on your roof, installations are typically more successful with newer, stronger roofs.


What is your level of commitment to your home/building?

  • Length of occupancy is an important consideration to make when thinking about solar energy.
  • Our customers are investing in future savings and sustainability.
  • Customers do not need to be in their forever home/building to have solar installed, but they should be committed for at least five years to have solar energy systems installed and see a powerful return on their investment.

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