Jul 31, 2023

BLM Initiative to Make Renewable Energy Development Easier and Cheaper on Public Lands

The Department of the Interior is proposing to cut fees and streamline the permitting and approval process for renewable energy development on public lands. This news comes as a major breakthrough for Halo Solar and the solar energy industry as offering affordable, sustainable power nationwide.


The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Director William Perry Pendley has identified 37 million acres of assessed public lands capable of solar and wind development. Since January 2021, the BLM has approved 35 renewable energy projects, including 10 solar projects, eight geothermal projects and 17 transmission projects connecting renewable facilities to the grid. 


The new proposed cuts for land use fees demonstrate the forward-thinking approach the BLM is taking to foster renewable energy production. These new fees will mean lower costs for those looking to install solar power systems on public land, making renewable energy more accessible to everyone. The fee cuts apply to commercial, large-scale, utility-level projects. On average, they will equate to a fee reduction of about 50%.


The proposed fee cuts will benefit solar energy developers like Halo Solar, and simplify the process of constructing solar panel systems on public lands. The streamlined permitting process for renewable energy development will speed up the development process, allowing projects to get up and running. This proposal is a step further to achieving Biden’s green energy plan by 2035.


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