Jul 12, 2023

Renewable energy overtake coals and nuclear electrical output

Many people may not realize it, but renewable energies like solar power have been quietly taking over the world’s electrical systems for years. According to a new report by Bloomberg New Energy Finance, in 2022, renewables will officially overtake coal and nuclear for the first time. Renewable energy sources now place 2nd in terms of electricity production. That means more and more energy is being produced cleanly, without relying on traditional energy sources like coal and nuclear.


At Halo Solar, we believe that solar energy is the way to power the future. This new report supports that idea that more and more people value renewable energy sources. Solar power is clean and abundant, providing an energy source that is not only renewable but also more reliable than traditional sources.


At Halo Solar, we are passionate about making solar energy more accessible and easier to use. We have been developing easy-to-use, affordable solar solutions that can be used in any situation. Whether you are looking for residential, commercial, or agricultural solar solutions, Halo Solar has something for you. Report by Bloomberg New Energy Finance forecast solar energy to represent at least 15% of global power by 2025, which means we will continue to see more and more people making the move from traditional energy sources to solar. 


With Halo Solar’s reliable solar solutions, you can join the trend and make the switch to solar energy without worrying about reliability. Renewables are taking over traditional sources and, with Halo Solar, you can make the switch to solar energy knowing that you are taking part in the energy revolution.


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