Aug 29, 2023

Driving Change with Solar-Powered Fuels

Researchers from the University of Cambridge could transform the way we power our vehicles. Researchers have successfully developed a solar-powered process that converts carbon dioxide and water into liquid fuels, offering a direct solution for clean and renewable car engine fuel.

Harnessing the principles of photosynthesis, these innovative "artificial leaves" use sunlight to transform CO2, water, and sunlight into ethanol and propanol fuels in a single step. These fuels boast high energy density, easy storage, and transport capabilities, while emitting net-zero carbon emissions. Bioethanol, a plant-based alternative to petrol, often faces criticism due to its land use impact. Unlike most bioethanol, these fuels do not divert any agricultural land away from food production. Instead, it could open space for greater food production.


As leaders in the solar industry, we're thrilled to witness such groundbreaking strides towards a cleaner, more sustainable energy future. Although this technology is still in the laboratory phase, it signifies a significant step towards dismantling our fossil fuel dependence. At Halo Solar, we believe in the power of innovation to reshape our world. We're excited to see more advancements like these that align with our mission of promoting cleaner energy solutions for a brighter tomorrow.


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