Feb 19, 2024

Finding a Balance between Forests and Solar Forests

As the quest for effective climate solutions continue, we are undecided on whether we should focus on planting forests, which harness the power of photosynthesis, or otp for forests of solar panels instead.


Forests, through photosynthesis, naturally absorb the carbon dioxide in the air which has been a crucial tool in mitigating global warming thus far. However, the stark reality is that even if the entire planet were covered in forests, it would not be sufficient to absorb the amount of carbon dioxide released over the past 150 years.


Solar panels seem like the answer in this case. They not only reduce carbon emissions but also generate clean energy. By replacing fossil fuel power stations, these dark-colored solar panels significantly contribute to lowering harmful greenhouse gas emissions. The downside however to both solar panels and traditional forests is that the heat they absorb contributes to localized heating and subsequent energy release into the atmosphere. 


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