Mar 01, 2024

Revolutionary Solar Cells

Making a significant leap forward in solar technology, Mathieu de Lafontaine, a postdoctoral researcher, and Karin Hinzer, vice-dean, research, and University Research Chair in Photonic Devices for Energy, led a team that produced the world’s first “back-contact micrometric photovoltaic cells'' at the University of Ottawa. These cells, just twice the thickness of a strand of hair, are able to reduce electrode-induced shadowing by 95%, giving them the potential to lower energy production costs by up to three times.


The fact that these micrometric photovoltaic cells are extremely small and can significantly reduce shadowing is remarkable. This technological breakthrough opens avenues for a variety of applications such as the densification of electronic devices, lightweight nuclear batteries for space exploration, and miniaturization of devices for telecommunications and the internet of things.


Undoubtedly, the development of back-contact micrometric photovoltaic cells is a crucial milestone, getting us one step closer to a future where energy and technology seamlessly meet.


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