Apr 15, 2024

Space Solar Power

Space has seemingly unlimited potential when it comes to solar power and until now, we have had no way of harvesting it. Space solar power can get an unlimited supply of light from the sun, unlike on earth where nights, seasons, and clouds are factors that hinder solar power. The technology being tested deploys a constellation of modular spacecraft that collect, efficiently transform it into electricity, and then transmits the power wirelessly over long distances. This process completely revolutionizes the way we harness and distribute energy.


This spacecraft is equipped with a collection of 32 different solar cells whose purpose is solely to advance research. The launch of The Transporter-6 mission from Cape Canaveral on January 3 was a big success and shows a lot of promise for a sustainable and energy-abundant future. As this technology continues to develop, we look forward to the potential the sun has to provide an infinite resource of energy for our world.


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