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Commercial and Industrial Solar Panel Installation

Commercial Solar Panel Installation Shouldn’t Be a Hassle

You should be able to get reliable, dependable solar installation for your business from a team of commercial solar contractors who understand why renewable energy in Bloomington-Normal is so valuable.

Switching to solar energy is great for the planet (and even better for your wallet!), but we know that there are many questions to consider. How much do commercial solar panels cost? Are there local solar panel installation companies near me? Will these solar contractors know specifically how to navigate the complexities of setting up solar energy for retail? What about solar panels for schools or a solar array for a hospital? What if you need solar panels for agricultural buildings?


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Your Go-To Commercial Solar Panel Business


Halo Solar is your go-to business for all of your commercial solar panel and renewable energy needs. As one of the top solar panel installation companies in Bloomington-Normal, Halo Solar recognizes the need for all industries – from large employers like State Farm and Illinois State University to local Bloomington-Normal businesses – to make wise financial and environmental investments that benefit our community and our planet. Utilizing solar panels for your business can greatly reduce energy costs. Whether you’re looking for commercial solar panels for multiple buildings, solar panel installation for your agricultural industry, or are looking to switch to solar energy for your local Bloomington-Normal business, solar systems provide substantial savings. No matter the size, one challenge of operating a business is the rising, and often unstable, rate of energy bills. A solar energy system can save you hundreds – or even thousands – of dollars every year, averaged over the life of the system. Contact us today for commercial solar panels in Bloomington-Normal IL.


Cost Effective and Sustainable Energy


 Solar panels are becoming increasingly popular for businesses, as they provide a cost-effective and sustainable energy solution. Businesses that invest in renewable energy solutions may be eligible for government incentives and tax credits. By investing in solar panels, your business can reduce its dependence on the grid and lower its electricity bill. Halo Solar is the leading expert offering turnkey solutions to maximize your ROI and provide the best result. 


Start Generating Your Own Energy Today!


Halo Solar is the perfect partner for businesses looking to make the switch to solar energy in Bloomington. Our team of experienced professionals has the expertise and knowledge to provide you with the best result and ROI. The Halo Solar team will develop a tailored solar solution to meet your business’s needs, and our commitment to quality and customer service means that you can count on us throughout the entire process. With state-of-the-art technology, vast electrical and solar implementation experience, and expert knowledge of business tax incentives and benefits, Halo Solar is the clear choice for businesses looking to switch to solar energy.


Employing a Halo Solar power system will allow you to gain control over the otherwise unpredictable cost of your power. By generating your own energy through solar panels, businesses in Bloomington-Normal can save money on their utility bills and achieve greater energy independence, providing long-term financial stability. Learn more about how solar panels can benefit your business below!

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