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Commercial Solar
Power Your Business
Electricity is a cost of business and a cost that keeps rising. Managers across Illinois have watched their power bills grow, with some small businesses and farms struggling to keep up with the bills.
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Industrial Solar
Power Your Services
When you own a solar energy system, an energy-efficient building, you own your power. Illinois net metering lets you send the extra power you generate from your sustainable building back into the grid for credit.
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Farm & Rural Solar
Power Your Farm
There are many benefits to owning a rural home in Southern or Central Illinois. Wide-open spaces, beautiful views, and peace and quiet are just a few commonly known advantages.
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Residential Solar
Power Your Home
A Halo Solar system gives you control. Our professional sales team and expert installers can capture the power your home needs by way of home solar panels.
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EV Charging & Battery Back-up
Power Yourself
Halo Solar offers residential and commercial EV charging stations with a range of choices. We also offer batter backup from powering essential appliances to back-up systems.
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