Why Solar

Using solar energy has a great deal of benefits for residential and commercial customers. Someone might be interested in the money-saving opportunities offered. Others may just have the desire to live a greener life or want to rely less on their power company to further self-sustainability. No matter where you land on this spectrum, solar energy can be a viable resource for those who qualify.

Annual Savings

A solar energy system can save you hundreds—or even thousands—of dollars every year, averaged over the life of the system.

Power bills add up over time, and they are likely to increase as rates continue to rise. A solar energy system helps you control the otherwise unpredictable cost of your power. When you average out the cost of a solar energy system, you will see that it can start to pay off in savings after only a few years.

Your savings can increase, too—when you use tax credits and incentives to offset the initial cost of the system.


Tax Credits and Incentives

Shifting to solar should be a simple process, and our team of experts makes sure it stays that way. Halo Solar will help show you the best way to make your new system affordable. There are dozens of federal tax credits and utility-funded incentives for new solar systems, depending on where you’re located, when you install the system, what type of system you install, and other factors. The following are just some of the tax credits and incentives available to those who qualify:

Tax Credits

A solar system makes your home or business more valuable—and studies show that solar homes sell faster. But the Special Assessment for Solar Energy Systems ensures that your property taxes will not be affected. The federal Investment Tax Credit can let you claim up to 26% of your solar system cost on your federal taxes.


The Illinois Power Agency Act of 2007 requires power companies to get 25% of the power they sell from renewable resources by 2025. The Future Energy Jobs Act of 2016 helped to turn those goals into jobs for the state. Now, Illinois requires power companies to fund several incentives that help customers move to solar power. With net metering, the power company gives you full credit for power you produce beyond what you use—and with Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SREC), you can earn money from the power company for every megawatt-hour you generate.

Energy Independence

Power is essential for your home or business. The risk of even a short outage has inspired many homeowners and businesses to invest in backup generators. But the rest of the time, most homes and businesses are entirely dependent on the power company and the rates it chooses to charge.

With a Halo Solar system, you can reduce your dependence on the power company by generating enough power to meet most or all your power needs and gaining credits when sunny days produce more than you require. With a solar system, you empower yourself.

Environmental Benefits 

Today’s power companies still rely on coal-fired and nuclear power plants. These fuels can be dangerous and destructive to use and dispose of. If you reduce your dependence on utility companies, then you reduce your negative impact on the environment. You make it easier to ensure that our air, land, and water will stay clean for future generations.

When you consider all the benefits of a Halo Solar system, you can see why it is time to shift to solar.